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What The Trolley Will Be
The Petaluma Trolley will not only be a heritage preservation tribute to the City of Petaluma, but a beautiful visual attraction for its National Historic Downtown District.

The proposed connections of the Trolley, from the Waterfront Warehouse District, through the Historic Downtown and North Water Street developments, past numerous retirement facilities, to the Petaluma Premium Factory Outlets Mall, and to SMART’s two regional passenger railway stations, will enhance the utility of the trolley and make SMART more accessible to Petaluma residents, particularly the economically disadvantaged and the elderly.

Here is an artist's rendition of what the renovated trestle will give back to all of us...
Thank you, Peggy Sebera, for this beautiful glimpse into the Petaluma waterfront's future.

Petaluma Trolley


A wider view of what the restored trestle carrying the trolley would look like. Click for larger view.

Petaluma Trolley


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